What you're gonna get

  • Personal feedback

    I will check your assignments and final project and give you feedback. You wouldn’t find a course for this price with personalized feedback.

  • Transferrable skills

    Visual design skills could be applied in a wide range of disciplines: from UI design to reports to slide decks for investors to social media content.

  • Creative confidence

    Learn structure and principles to see and deconstruct good design to create your own work. Find and use inspiration the right way.

  • Figma basics

    Learn the basics of the most used UX design tool, Figma. Learn layout and styling on real-life examples.

  • Pragmatic Design Resources

    Get access to the Pragmatic Design Hub: the living document with link to free and paid resources to help you do the best design work.

  • +1 case in your portfolio

    For your final project you will need to create visuals for an event: a slide deck, a poster, a website and social media post.

Course curriculum

Please plan 8-10 hours a week for the course

    1. Welcome

    2. 1. Introduction

    1. 2.1 What is visual design

    2. Quiz: What is Visual Design

    3. 2.2 Design thinking and problem solving

    4. Quiz: Design Thinking

    5. 2.3 Design critique and feedback

    6. Quiz. Design Critique and Feedback

    7. 2.4 Principles of visual design

    8. Quiz: Principles of Visual Design

    9. 2.5 Figma demo

    10. 2.6 Typography

    11. Quiz: Typography

    12. 2.7 Grid, spacing and layout

    13. Quiz: Grid, Spacing and Layout

    14. 2.8 Color and imagery

    15. Quiz

    16. 2.9 Trends and timeless design

    17. 2.10 Inspiration and tips

    1. 3. Resources and next steps

    1. 4.1 Exercise 1: Slide redesign

    2. Exercise 1 — Slide Redesign Demo

    3. Assignment 1

    4. 4.2 Exercise 2: Document redesign

    5. Assignment 2

    6. 4.3 Exercise 3: Replicate a website

    7. Exercise 3 – Replicate a Website Demo

    8. Assignment 3

    1. 5. Final project

    2. Final project assignment

    1. 6. Outro

    2. Course feedback

About this course

  • €397,00
  • 32 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Meet your instructor

Julia Zaytseva

Senior Product Designer

I’ve started designing websites in 2003 and made all mistakes out there 😅.
It would have been nice to have an experienced designer by my side help me avoid them! Currently, I work as a senior product designer, and specialize in UI and Design Systems. I looove helping other designers grow! My design passion is typography and I dedicated the biggest lesson to it in the course.

Here's what others say

“I really enjoyed super packed information in a short amount of time and I learned something new with the example of poster design and see it organically evolving with every example you showed. I think I am going to practice it a bit to get my hands on it. Also, I noticed everything you were talking about was also implemented in your presentation in the video. The video itself has a good visual design too.”

Ashish Chopra

“Great overview of principals and rules. Enough information to understand but the teacher also encourages you to go out and learn these in-depth as well as practice!”

Cassandra Diaz

“This course is very well done, the lessons are prepared and organized with care and the explanations are clear. It is a very nice walk through all elements of good design, I would highly recommend it for beginners and as a refresher of key concepts. Thank you Julia for the course!!! :)”

Efren Alvarez

Start learning the visual basics of stunning web and UI